Alternative Dispute Resolution “ADR”


In mediation, a neutral third party facilitates a discussion between the parties and keeps them focused on options to resolve their dispute. Although the neutral facilitates the settlement communications and negotiations, the parties retain the decision-making power. The parties themselves resolve their dispute and, therefore, achieve a result that meets their individual needs and interests. Mediation results in a voluntary, win-win solution.

“Who will be my mediator?” This is the single most important question parties ask once they have decided to mediate their dispute. Qualified and committed mediators who work tirelessly to settle your client’s dispute are at the heart of the mediation process. With this understanding in mind, Ms. Prince is dedicated to helping you find the right solution to your dispute. Ms. Prince is trained in mediation process skills encompassing negotiation, issues identification, generating options, impasse strategies and managing party interactions.


In arbitration, a neutral third party conducts a hearing where the parties and their attorneys present evidence. The rules of evidence, normally applicable in a courtroom, are more relaxed, allowing the parties more latitude in presenting their case. Following the parties’ presentation of their cases, the arbitrator renders a final and binding decision. Arbitration often allows parties to resolve their disputes more quickly and cheaply than going to court.

Ms. Prince possesses good character and judgment. She is available to mediate and arbitrate in the following types of cases: Accident and Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Premises Liability, Civil Rights, Product Liability and Government.

ADR is an affordable alternative to costly litigation.

Fee Structure:

$50.00 Per Party

2 Party Case: $150.00 Per Party Per Hour
3 Party Case: $120.00 Per Party Per Hour